Simon Jakins is a director and the Business Manager of Akadia Training.  Simon has a long history in the delivery and management of adult education.  His experiences range from the training of soldiers, the management of soldiers training, the development of training packages to most recently, being the Manager of a Registered Training Organisation.  Simon can be contacted on 0427403015 or emailed at [email protected].
Ann Nitschke is a director and the Training Manager of Akadia Training.   Ann is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in both management and support roles within aged care, home and community care and disability services.   Ann has been training Aged Care, Disability and Community Care workers since 2006 whilst still working part time in the industry.   In 2011 Ann was a finalist in the regional Queensland Training Awards in the category of VET Teacher/Trainer.   Ann can be contacted on 0427180429 or emailed at [email protected].